University Budget Office
Mary Lou Ortiz, University Budget Officer

The primary functions of the University Budget Office are:

  1. To assist the President and the Budget Task Force in developing, implementing, monitoring, and controlling the University's annual operating budget. The office serves as principal staff to the Budget Task Force, preparing all agenda materials and implementing budgetary decisions.
  2. To support the University strategic planning and budget process through participation in deliberations of committees and hearing panels, presentation of essential institutional data and preparation of various analyses and reports. 
  3. To serve as the primary office for complying with the University's central external reporting requirements. In most cases, the reports are prepared by the Office. In other cases, consistent, "official" data are provided to other offices for reporting purposes. 
  4. Continue to develop and produce institutional databases to provide the source of "official" data for both internal and external reporting. 

These functions are accomplished by the administration's two divisions. 

The Budget & Reporting division provides primary staff support to the University's Budget Task Force; the University strategic planning process; implements and monitors current year operating budget; and provides cost studies and analyses. This division develops the state appropriation request, income and expense projections, tuition projections, and information pertinent to salaries, employee benefits, new program initiatives and other general university operating cost increases. Information is provided for a myriad of mandated federal and state reports, surveys and ad hoc requests from the Association of American Universities Data Exchange, publishers, students, employees, and other persons and agencies/corporations needing information about the University.

The Information Resource division includes computer support for many of the major functions served by the Budget & Reporting division; development and maintenance of appropriate ISIS and IBIS functions for the office and the University. Information Resources also provides the annual production of official files and mandatory official reports on core human resources, student, and financial data for the U.S. and Pennsylvania Departments of Education and the Association of American Universities Data Exchange. Various university-wide data is presented in the Factbook which is maintained by the University Budget Office.

Updated October 2017