Employees of the Budget Office

308 Old Main University Park, PA 16802
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Employee Names and Titles
Name Title
Bernstein, Yakov Lead Applications Programmer/Analyst
Bressler, Julie Senior Applications Programmer/Analyst
Burns, Terry M. Budget Analyst
Godish, Brian Budget Analyst
Green, Lisa R. Lead Applications Programmer/Analyst
Hartzler, Jon P. Budget Specialist
Heininger, Richard I. Associate Director, Information Resources
Kleiner, Kathleen J. Administrative Support Assistant
Leone, Wayne Programmer/Analyst
Liadis, Paul N. Database Specialist
Lowenstein, Stephanie Senior Applications Programmer/Analyst
Maines, Denise Administrative Support Assistant
Matty, Susan Programmer/Analyst
Employee Names and Titles
Name Title
McDowell, Brenda J. Administrative Support Assistant
O'Brien, Karen L. Associate Director, Budget and Reporting
Reisinger, Andrew G. Interim University Budget Officer &
Director, Budget and Reporting
Rice, Jodi (part-time) Applications Programmer Analyst
Seasholtz, Kathleen M. Administrative Support Assistant
Smith, Daniel W. Budget Specialist
Smith, Jessica M. Budget Analyst
Snook, Stephanie Lead Applications Programmer/Analyst
Snyder, J. Ronald Team Leader, Budget & Financial
Tarbay, Patricia A. Executive Assistant
Weaver, Mark A. Director, Information Resources
Whitehill, Timothy M. Team Leader, Technology