2022-23 Income Budget

(Dollars in Thousands)

Total Operating Budget
General Funds Budget
(Excluding Penn College)
This is an image of Penn State's Total Operating Budget Pie Chart
This is an image of Penn State's General Funds Budget Pie Chart (excluding Penn College)
Tuition & Fees $2,211,991
State Appropriation 325,485
Agric. Federal Funds 22,999
Auxiliary Enterprises 488,426
Restricted Funds 1,108,773
Other Income 410,517
Hospital/Clinic* 3,863,425
Total $8,431,616
Tuition & Fees $2,138,832
State Appropriation 298,353
Agric. Federal Funds -
Auxiliary Enterprises -
Restricted Funds -
Other Income 407,612
Total $2,844,797

*Includes direct state appropriation to Penn State for Medical Assistance, CURE, Penn State Cancer Institute, ASERT, and other line items. Any federal match funding is not included.