Penn State Abington

A. General Information

A1. Address Information:

A1. Address Information:
Name of College or University:Penn State Abington
Mailing Address, City/State/Zip/Country:1600 Woodland Road, Abington, PA 19001-3918
Street Address (if different), City/State/Zip/Country:   
Main Phone Number:(215) 881-7300
WWW Home Page Address:http://abington.psu.edu/
Admissions Phone Number:(215) 881-7600
Admissions Toll-free Number:   
Admissions Office Mailing Address, City/State/Zip/Country:106 Sutherland Building, 1600 Woodland Road, Abington, PA 19001
Admissions Fax Number:(215) 881-7655
Admissions E-mail Address:abingtonadmissions@psu.edu
If there is a separate URL for your school's online application, please specify:http://admissions.psu.edu/
If you have a mailing address other than the above to which applications should be sent, please provide:   

A2. Source of institutional control: (check one only)

A3. Classify your undergraduate institution:

A4. Academic year calendar:

A5. Degrees offered by your institution: