University Budget Office
Website FAQ

Q – Where can I find Study Abroad numbers?
A – Study Abroad numbers can be found on the Fall-to-Fall Comparison report under University Park
Q – When are new fall enrollments posted?
A – Fall enrollments are posted each year in mid to late October
Q – How do you define Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) enrollment?
A – Each full-time student is counted as one FTE enrollment and each part-time student is counted as a portion of one. This allows all students to be weighted in the same way given that a part-time student takes fewer credits.
Q – Do these numbers match those on the University Common Data Set?
A – Yes with a few exceptions. The Common Data Set University Park includes School of Law students enrolled at University Park and does not reflect students enrolled at Hershey, Dickinson School of Law at Carlisle, the Pennsylvania College of Technology or the World Campus.
Q – Are all students reflected in the official enrollments i.e., scheduled and dropped students?
A – Only registered students at the 6th week of the semester are reflected on the Fact Book. This is the designated time frame and population determined as our “official” enrollments that are reported externally including to state and federal agencies.
Q – How is residency determined for Fact Book purposes?
A – Residency on the Fact Book is determined by the home residence of the student. It is not based in-state or out-of-state tuition.
Q - Where can I find information on Penn State’s Budget?
A – A general explanation of Penn State’s budget can be found on the Penn State Budget Primer -

Details of the current year General Funds budget by each administrative area can be found here –
Q - How much of Penn State’s Budget comes from Appropriation? Tuition?
A – Income sources of Penn State’s Total Budget and General Funds Budget can be found here –
Q - How has State Appropriation to Penn State changed over the past several in recent years?
A – A table showing State Appropriations to Penn State since 2001-02 is available here –

Appropriation history dating back to 1855 can be found here (Excel file) –
Q - Can I see details of how my academic college/campus spent their funds last year?
A – Yes. Detailed expenditure data is available by drilling down into any specific administrative area on this Open Budget report -
Q - What is Penn State’s tuition rate?
A – Tuition and Fees for the current year can be accessed from the link below –
Q - How much will tuition and fees plus room and board cost this year?
A – Cost Calculators are available at the below link. Selections are available to include housing costs.
Q - When will tuition rates for next Fall be available?
A – Tuition rates for Fall are approved by the Board of Trustees in mid-July. Rates are released immediately after they are approved and can be found here –