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The Fact Book is a publically available web site open to everyone. There are no security requirements or authorizations needed to access or view these reports.

Requesting Access to Fact Book Plus:

-- Please contact your Area Security Representative (ASR) if other people in your area need access to the Fact Book plus . ASR’s will work with the appropriate Dean or Administrative Officer to confirm authorization for the University-wide data. Here is the link to request access: Request Access to Fact Book Plus.


-- Expand/Contract: On the first page of many reports, you will see a + / - in front of the rows, for example beside University Park and Commonwealth Campuses. When you click on that entry, instead of going to a separate page, that page will expand to reflect the appropriate additional information on the same page. You will also find an "Expand All/Contract All" link at the bottom of the report that will expand or contract all of the + / - entries if they are being used.

-- Printing Reports: Fact Book reports can be printed, as any other web page, but there may be some differences in appearances based on the browser and screen resolutions. We recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer for optimum results.

-- Table of Contents: This link, found at the top of each page, will take you back to the Table of Contents for the data section you are working in -- i.e. "Student", "Faculty and Staff", etc.

-- Breadcrumbs: Near the top of each page there will be a navigation tool that provides links back to each previous page you navigated through to get to the current page. This is called a breadcrumb trail because it provides a trail for you to follow back to your starting point. This is especially helpful in allowing you to quickly link back to any previous page you viewed along the way.


If you have further questions or suggestions let us know by using the "Contact Us" button at the top of any page.

Fact Book Listserv:

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