The Pennsylvania State University
2016-17 Operating Budget

October 2016

A table of data of the operating budget for 2012 2013 for the Pennsylvania State University
General Funds:
  Educational & General (a)   $1,924,054,000
  Agricultural Research & Cooperative Extension   55,080,000
Subtotal      1,979,134,000
  College of Medicine   137,694,000
  Pennsylvania College of Technology   109,403,000
Total - General Funds   2,226,231,000
Federal Funds - Agriculture   21,866,000
Restricted Funds: (b)
  Educational & General (a)   506,147,000
  Agricultural Research & Cooperative Extension   47,707,000
  College of Medicine   98,000,000
  Pennsylvania College of Technology   13,025,000
Total - Restricted Funds   664,879,000
Auxiliary Enterprises: (c)    
  Educational & General   401,007,000
  College of Medicine   3,700,000
  Pennsylvania College of Technology   27,987,000
Total - Auxiliary Enterprises   432,694,000
TOTAL   3,345,670,000
  The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (d)   1,804,431,000
Total University   $5,150,101,000

Footnotes for Schedule I

(a) Includes the Dickinson School of Law and Penn State Law.

(b) Includes Grants, Contracts, Restricted Gifts and Restricted Endowment Income.

(c) Self-supporting budgets representing sales and services, primarily to individuals. Educational and General Auxiliary Enterprises include Housing and Food Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, Commons Operations, Penn State Hospitality Services, Bryce Jordan Center, and Airport Operations.

(d) Total income budget for The Milton S. Hershey Medical Center (MSHMC) that was approved by the Board of Directors of MSHMC.