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Graduate/First Professional
Fall Enrollment
2018 and 2017

                           Graduate                                                            First Professional        
Fall 2018DegreeNon-DegTotalMedicalLawTotal

+University Park5,826815,907005,907
+Commonwealth Campuses8705492400924
  Great Valley3891240100401
  Dickinson School of Law - Unified00001111
  Dickinson Law4040207211
  Penn State Law121141350394529
  College of Medicine264312956480943
  PA College of Technology000000

  World Campus4,9721,1406,112006,112

Total Including World Campus12,4461,33213,77864861215,038
                           Graduate                                                            First Professional        
Fall 2017DegreeNon-DegTotalMedicalLawTotal

+University Park5,685905,775005,775
+Commonwealth Campuses88711299900999
  Great Valley3771038700387
  Dickinson School of Law - Unified00002525
  Dickinson Law1120192194
  Penn State Law7518930392485
  College of Medicine265232886410929
  PA College of Technology000000

  World Campus4,5011,2875,788005,788

Total Including World Campus11,7911,54113,33264160914,582
                           Graduate                                                            First Professional        
(Fall 2018 - Fall 2017)

+University Park141(9)13200132
+Commonwealth Campuses(17)(58)(75)00(75)
  Great Valley122140014
  Dickinson School of Law - Unified0000(14)(14)
  Dickinson Law3(1)201517
  Penn State Law46(4)420244
  College of Medicine(1)877014
  PA College of Technology000000

  World Campus471(147)32400324

Total Including World Campus655(209)44673456
Note(s): - Prior to 2015, The Penn State Dickinson School of Law operated on a unified basis with campuses at University Park and Carlisle. In 2015, Penn State Law and Dickinson Law were accredited as separate entities.
- World Campus reflects counts of students enrolled for each calendar year starting 2006.
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