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Undergraduate Enrollment By Class Standing
Fall 2018

      ---------------------------- Degree Seeking by Year ------------------------------- Non  
Fall 20181st2nd3rd4th5+TotalDegProvTotal

+University Park8,8018,80110,5598,9652,98240,108255040,363
+Commonwealth Campuses10,5846,6744,3043,8081,67127,041896027,937
  Great Valley000000000
  Dickinson School of Law - Unified000000000
  Dickinson Law000000000
  Penn State Law000000000
  College of Medicine000000000
  PA College of Technology2,3381,541802524415,24620605,452

World Campus1,1201,5341,9902,0111,4478,10224408,346

Total Including World Campus22,84318,55017,65515,3086,14180,4971,601082,098
Note(s): - Prior to 2015, The Penn State Dickinson School of Law operated on a unified basis with campuses at University Park and Carlisle. In 2015, Penn State Law and Dickinson Law were accredited as separate entities.
- World Campus reflects counts of students enrolled for each calendar year starting 2006.
-Includes both Associate and Baccalaureate Students
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