2019-20 Operating Expenditures
Dickinson School of Law - Restricted Funds
Administrative Area Summary Report

2019-20  Actual
Dickinson School of Law ExpenseIncome
Academic Salaries40,000
Support Salaries1,333
Sub-Total Salaries77,354
Supplies, Materials & Services1,168,451
Communication Services 10,974
Travel Expense 5,670
Publications, Printing&Copying23,019
Equipment Budget 6,958
Conferences & Group Activities69,919
Supplies & Matls For Resale 1,489
Student Aid 117,416
Books & Periodicals 43,367
Miscellaneous 75,271
Depart Allot Excl Emp Benefits1,522,534
Employee Benefits10,317
Sub-Total Departmental Allotment1,532,851
Total Dickinson School of Law 1,610,205613,813
Indirect Costs Recovered0
Total (Incl. Indirect Costs)1,610,205613,813