2018-19 Operating Expenditures
Academic Support Units - University Services Funds
Composite Summary Report

2018-19  Actual
Academic Support Units ExpenseIncome
Academic Salaries0
Support Salaries674,780
Sub-Total Salaries754,928
Supplies, Materials & Services2,164,486
Communication Services 1,154,013
Travel Expense 20,669
Utilities Purchased 248
Repairs, Alterations & Capital599,828
Equipment Budget 6,887,385
Conferences & Group Activities3,026
Supplies & Matls For Resale 858
Miscellaneous 457,512
Depart Allot Excl Emp Benefits11,288,025
Employee Benefits422,604
Sub-Total Departmental Allotment11,710,629
Total University Services Funds12,465,55713,199,204
Note: University Service Funds are self-supporting units which derive their income from charges for services provided to other departments within the University. University Services budgets are intra-university expenses and are excluded from fund totals to avoid double-counting of expenses.