The University's annual appropriation request to the Commonwealth is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval in September. The request is forwarded to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, which then recommends funding changes for all of higher education to the Governor's Budget Office (see Appropriation Request Board Report - Sept).

In early February, the Governor's Executive Budget recommendations are released for the next fiscal year. This proposed budget includes recommended funding levels for all state-supported line item appropriations, including Penn State.

In late February or early March, the President of the University appears before the House and Senate Appropriation Committees to review Penn State's request and the recommendations included in the Governor's budget .

The process concludes when the General Assembly passes Penn State's appropriation bill and the Governor signs it.

In July, the University presents its proposed new budget, including the final appropriation amount and anticipated tuition rates, to the Penn State Board of Trustees for approval. (see Operating Budget Report - July).