2019-20 Operating Expenditures
College of Medicine - General Funds
Administrative Area Summary Report

2019-20  Actual
College of Medicine ExpenseIncome
Academic Salaries53,807,601
Support Salaries29,529,582
Sub-Total Salaries84,503,211
Supplies, Materials & Services36,109,452
Communication Services 89,375
Travel Expense 1,576,943
Publications, Printing&Copying340,766
Utilities Purchased 9,978,155
Property Expense 4,845,614
Repairs, Alterations & Capital30,150,087
Insurance & Interest 1,927,189
Equipment Budget 6,569,555
Conferences & Group Activities1,320,774
Supplies & Matls For Resale 887,686
Student Aid 7,453,491
Employee Benefits Billed 148,186
Books & Periodicals 2,709,702
Freight Charges 35,509
Miscellaneous 6,059,290
Depart Allot Excl Emp Benefits110,201,774
Employee Benefits30,969,788
Sub-Total Departmental Allotment141,171,562
Total College of Medicine 225,674,773233,112,596

* General Funds excludes Medical Appropriations provided to the M. S. Hershey Medical Center through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare